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What is the tunde arm challenge-Complete Information

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I chose to add information about the new Arms with Tunde scheme to this Tunde arm challenge piece. I just finished week 4 of this Peloton program, which is a younger one. So I’ve updated this piece with a review of this new Tunde arm challenge if you will.

Now, let’s get to the main story.

I began the Tunde arm challenge a few weeks ago. If you know something, you know it. So, what do I mean?

First, when I say “Tunde,” I mean the Peloton teacher named Tunde. I think everyone just calls her one name now, like Cher or Madonna, but her real name is Tunde Oyeneyin. 

 Tunde started Peloton in September 2019, and I took her Premiere class live on September 11, 2019. There were riders in the studio back then. In 2019, when she did her first ride, there were, of course, a lot of other Peloton teachers in the classroom to cheer her on.

What is the Tunde arm challenge?

We already know that Tunde’s first live Peloton riding class was on September 11, 2019. Well, on 9/10/19, she filmed her first 10-minute Arms Toning class, which is now called Arms & Light Weights. So this was our first chance to see how strong and fit Tunde’s arms are.

I can’t remember when I last wanted my arms to look like Linda Hamilton’s in the Terminator movies or Michelle Obama’s in sleeveless dresses. Those muscles were definitely a goal to shoot for.

Who discovered the Tunde arm challenge?

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who felt this way because soon after, someone in (I think) the Hardcore on the Floor (HCOTF) group or maybe the Stay Home Stay Motivated group came up with the Tunde Arm Challenge. Taking Tunde arm lessons three times a week for six weeks was a task. Or, it could have been a four-week or thirty-day program. 

Either way, you would take one of these arm training or arms and light weights classes, which are always 10 minutes long, and do them three times a week. Then you’d move on to another class like single arms toning or arms and light weights, which you’d do three times a week. Scrub, rinse and repeat.

How many classes are in the Tunde arm challenge

Then, when the classes changed their name to “arms and light weights” in March 2021, Tunde started talking about how she made these classes. She would basically say that she would put out a new class every month.

After that, she wanted you to take the class for that month three times a week for the whole month. Then, when she put out a new class the following month, you would switch to that one and do it three times a week for the whole month.

On the Peloton, there are currently 23 Tunde guns classes. If you wanted to make your own Tunde arm challenge, you must take 23 weeks of classes. Or a bit more than five months to get your arms to look like they’ve been working out.

My goal was to take every Tunde arms exercise or arms & light weights class before the end of 2021. At that time, there were only 18 of these groups, and I wasn’t trying to take them three times a week. I just wanted to say that I took all of them, which is true. 

Tunde arm challenge – Before and After

The first time I did the Tunde Arm Challenge, I took shots of my arms before and after four weeks. But now that I’ve ended Arms with Tunde, I’ve changed my “before” and “after” shots.

Even so, this only shows my arms because that’s the part that’s easy to photograph. But I can tell you this: when I’m getting dressed in the morning, the tops of my shoulders really stand out. I’ve never seen them like this before. 

I’m putting myself out there by putting these before and after pictures here. I don’t see much of a change. But I’ve been pulling weights for a long time.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the problem with the Tunde arm?

What is the Arm Challenge by Tunde? Tunde’s Arm task is a fan-made task in which you do one of Tunde’s Arms and Light Weight classes three times a week. If you google this challenge, you’ll find a few different forms, some on Reddit that last 30 days and one that lasts 36 weeks.

Where can I get weapons from Tunde?

How to sign up for the “Arms with Tunde” program. At the time this was written, you could join a program through the Peloton website, the Peloton Bikes app, the Tread app, or the Peloton Digital app. Just go to the events section, look for the Arms with Tunde program, and join it.

Can 10kg dumbbells help me get ripped?

With the right training program, some muscle groups can grow quickly with just 10kg of dumbbells or kettlebells. A skilled personal trainer can write you a workout plan and do a lot more.


Let me know if you have any questions about the arm challenge, the Arms with Tunde program, my before and after pictures, or anything else. For now, I’ll have to ride my bike or use the Peloton app to get my daily dose of Tunde. Her Fitness Flipped show is in the outdoor content section of the Peloton app. When I take my dogs for a walk, it’s fun to walk and listen to music.

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