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Subnautica Aurora Codes: Subnautica Guide

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Subnautica Is a One-Of-A-Kind Experience. It’s a Sandbox Survival Horror Game with A Plot. There Aren’t Many Games that Can Boast an Amazing Underwater Level/section. Subnautica, on The Other Hand, Is Genuinely Unique in That It Is Set Mostly Underwater. It Is an Amazing Experience. to Play a Game that Seems to Be the Offspring of Minecraft and Stranded Deep Nurtured by Aliens. The gameplay is also nothing to scoff at. It has the resource collecting feature of RPGs and puzzle aspects like discovering Aurora door codes, as well as base-building games like Minecraft.

Aurora Door Codes

Cargo Bay 3 Door – 1454

Finding this code requires a data download from the Administration Office. You can get it there. In addition, that room has a poster of a prawn suit and an abandoned personal digital assistant.

Cabin 1 Door – 1869

When the player breaks through the Sealed Door, they will find themselves in a Locker Room. This area will include a significant number of unlocked lockers, as well as an abandoned personal digital assistant that has a data download. This will provide you with the code for the Cabin 1 Door.

Captain’s Cabin Door – 2679

This code is given to the player at some point in the narrative over their radio.

Lab Access Door – 6483

The source code for this may be discovered inside a discarded personal digital assistant. After leaving the Prawn Suit Bay area, the player will find this item submerged in the extreme left corner of the area to access the laboratory door.

However, in addition to an open environment that is brimming with life and mysteries, Subnautica presents the player with large set pieces to investigate as well as a variety of species to discover. This video game has everything, from shimmering alien fish to ancient alien civilizations studying a virus that may kill. The dedication that the crew has shown toward the creation of the game can be seen alongside some of the exceptional level design. The examples shown below are only some of the set pieces that are available, although this list is not exhaustive.


According to in-game mythology, the Aurora is an Alterra Company colony ship designed to terraform planets and plant the seeds for the expansion of humanity throughout the cosmos. The main goal of the vessel was to construct a phase gate in a certain area of the cosmos. Its secondary purpose, unbeknownst to the crew, was to locate and perhaps rescue the crew of the Alterra Company’s Degasi.

However, stepping away from the game’s story and into the gameplay, it’s a fantastic set piece. Subnautica can display the player a wonderful sight just beyond the horizon and then allow the player to explore that horizon when a certain amount of time has passed.

As the Aurora is normally a mid to late-game location, the set piece is fairly huge and detailed. With numerous components both in and out of the water and requiring various items, the player would have obtained during their trip. A Propulsion Cannon, Laser Cutter, Radiation Suit, and Repair Tool are the primary tools necessary to unlock all of the doors with the code. It is also home to some of the most vexing animals in the game, known as “Cave Crawlers.”

Frequently Asked Question

Can someone tell me the password for Captain 1 in Aurora?

1869 is the code for door 1, while 2679 is the code for the captain’s quarters. 1454 is the door code that will open the entrance to the Cargo Bay, and 6483 is the code that will get you inside the Lab. The code 6666 will finally allow access to the Robotics Bay. All of the Aurora door codes in Subnautica have now been revealed.

Are you able to investigate the aurora before it blows up?

The player will not be allowed to explore Aurora’s interior until after the explosion; nevertheless. If they do not have a radiation suit, they will sustain damage as they go around the ship’s interior.

Is it okay to put your hands on Aurora?

Since the aurora is emitted between 90 and 150 km in height (which is generally over the ‘official’ limit of space, which is 100 km), removing your glove inside of an aurora would most certainly result in your death (unless a fellow astronaut promptly reattach’s your glove and repressurizes your suit).

Conclusion | Subnautica Aurora Codes

Subnautica is a one-of-a-kind game that excels at using environmental narrative. Particularly in the Aurora Door Codes section. The rooms and sections each have their individuality, and the PDAs contribute to the feeling of life inside these spaces. It’s also worth noting that the codes for the apartments are obtained mainly by promoting exploration of every aspect of the ship.

Give Subnautica a go; it’s a terrific game with even more stunning details. While you’re here, why not read some of our other tutorials created by our brilliant writers? The Subnautica Multipurpose Room is a fantastic companion guide to this one.

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