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Elden Ring Progression Route

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We Have Developed a Guide that Will Lead You Through the Most Efficient Progression Route in Elden Ring to Assist You in Rapidly Defeating Elden Ring and Traveling to The Appropriate Areas at The Appropriate Times. This Will Allow You to Get the Most out Of Your Time Spent in Elden Ring.

Elden ring progression route

The open-world freedom provided by Elden ring is its main selling point. There is no specific sequence in which you should explore locations or defeat monsters.

However, with this much choice, moving through the game might become difficult. If you want to play the game in a way that is both tough and efficient, you should plan out your Elden Ring growth path before you begin exploring the in-game area.

To assist you, we’ll guide you through the most effective Elden Ring advancement plan, step by step, below.

The western side of Limgrave is the first region you should investigate in Elden Ring. Limgrave is a big region with many locations to visit, however, only a handful of these regions are required to investigate.

Begin by purchasing the necessary equipment from Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh. Purchase the Crafting Kit, Torch, and Telescope from him. A boss known as the Tree Sentinel may be found outside the chapel. At this time, this monster is nearly unbeatable for you, so don’t bother dealing with it.

Once you’ve equipped yourself, go to the Gatefront Ruins to get the Limgrave West map piece. This will make it easier for you to explore the region. While you’re there, pick up the Whetstone Knife and Ash of War: Storm Stomp.

Following that, you should be able to access Torrent and the Spirit Casting Bell. To unlock the Torrent, you must visit three Grace Sites. First, go to the Site of Grave at Gatefront, where you will meet Melina. You may use Runes to level up your character and increase their qualities at Melina’s. She will also equip your ride with the Spectral Steed Whistle. Finally, when you’ve unlocked Torrent and the Spirit Casting Bell, you may begin your first questline.

The questline you should begin with comes from Boc the Seamster, who can be found southeast of the Gatefront Ruins. We chose this quest because it would enable you to get access to the Church of Dragon Communion.

Talk to Roderika in Stormhill about your next task. During her adventure, you’ll visit a location known as the Warmaster’s Shack. While you’re there, pick up the Ashes of War from Knight Bernahl.

The eastern side of Limgrave is the next region you should investigate. Before you accomplish anything, avoid fighting the Rune Bears that may be found in East Limgrave. They’re much too strong for you right now, so there’s no use in battling them.

Begin by speaking with Kenneth Haight in the northern section of the neighborhood. If you agree to serve him, he will ask you to assist in emancipating his keep to the South.

However, before heading south, you must first walk east until you reach the Third Church of Manika. You may loot a Crimson Crystal Tear and a Flask of Wondrous Physick from this chapel. These goods will be quite beneficial to you.

You may now begin your journey southward. The East Limgrave map fragment may be obtained by following the road going south. This map piece will guide you to an altar where you may discover the Greenspill Crystal Tear and Spiked Crack Tear. In this region, you may also loot the Ash of War: Ground Slam from the Teardrop Scarab.

Go inside the altar and down to the bottom, near the Siofra River. You’ll want to activate the Site of Grace here. This will be very useful later on.

Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave, is the next location you should visit. Make a point of speaking with Inna on your way there.

When you approach the Site of Grace in this region, use the jump spring adjacent to it to gain access to Oridy’s Rise, a mage tower. This tower will house some priceless objects.

Then, go to the Demi-Human Forest Ruins and battle the leader to get the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff. If you’re playing as a mage, this is an excellent weapon to have.

From there, go to the north to uncover a Faith-knot Crystal Tear. After that, go to the church to the west and take the Sacred Tear that is sitting inside.

You must now go to Minor Erdtree, which is located to the southwest. You can get a Crimsonburst Crystal Tear and an Opaline Bubbletear from there. These will assist you in upgrading your flask.

From there, travel up into the plains to discover a chapel. Enter the church and get another Sacred Tear for your flask.

Castle Morne, situated to the south of the Night’s Cavalry, is your ultimate destination in this region. This is a dungeon that you may complete to get some nice prizes.

Make careful to get the Golden Seed from the right side of the walkway as you ascend the road to the castle. Make a point of finding Irina’s Father while you’re in the dungeon.

After finishing the dungeon, return to Irina’s Father and then to Irina to complete her mission.

Level of Roundtable Holding: 20-30

Roundtable Hold is a brief intermission before proceeding to the following section, which will be quite difficult.

Go to Stormveil and defeat Margit, the Fell Omen. This will get you access to the Roundtable Hold.

You must utilize all of the stuff you’ve acquired up to this point to enhance your armor and weapons while in this section.

While you’re in the Roundtable Hold, try to engage with as many NPCs as possible. To begin, speak with Roderika, who will offer you a Golden Seed if you previously gave her the Chrysalids’ Memento in Stormhill Shack.

Talk to Roderika and Smithing Mater Hewg after that. Your aim should be to convince Mater Hewg to accept Roderika as an apprentice. If you succeed, return to the spot where you acquired the Chrysalids’ Memento, and you will now get the Crimson Hood from there.

When you speak with D, Hunter of the Dead, he will direct you to the location of a merchant called Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. However, don’t go there yet since the opponents there will be too strong for you.

Speak with Brother Corhyn and buy a couple of incantations from him. You may then speak to Fia and Diallos to begin their quests.

Now that you’re properly equipped, your next stop is Stormveil Castle. But first, go northeast from the Stormhill Shack and slay the behemoth to get a Strength-knot Crystal.

Now, go up to the Stormveil Castle’s gates, but instead of entering via the main gate, speak with Gatekeeper Gostoc.

He’ll tell you about another way in. Make careful to engage with the Site of Grace before entering the castle via this door.

There will be plenty of lootable corpses both within and outside the castle, so keep a lookout for them while you explore.

Be prepared to face a swarm of Castle Guards as you make your way through this castle.

Make careful to loot the dead on your route after you pass the wine cellar. Throwing Daggers, St. Trina’s Arrows and a Smoldering Butterfly must be obtained. These items will assist you in completing this dungeon.

In the castle, you’ll ultimately come upon a Banished Knight. After you’ve defeated him, take the Rusty from the room to your right and loot the chest for a Curved Sword Talisman.

This key may be used to open a door on the second level. It will be next to the hole in the floor’s wall.

Pass through the door and up the ladder to the top of the basement. Kill the enemy and scavenge their corpses for precious goods. Then, go up the stairs on your left to battle another Banished Knight.

When you get to this location, go to the first Site of Grace and speak with Boc the Seamster. After that, enter the church houses and speak with Thops.

Shops will teach you the fundamentals of wizardry. After speaking with Thops, go to the cemetery to the south. The Academy Scroll may be found in this cemetery. This scroll may be given to Sorceress Sellen to get access to additional merchandise in her shop.

Go south on the road and get the Flintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (1). Continue down this route until you arrive at the Laskyar Ruins. You may also obtain the Flintstone Craftman’s cookbook (2) and the Ritual Pot from there.

You may also get the Wraith Calling Bell by looting the chest in the northwest corner of this region.

Now, go to the telescope symbol on your map, which will take you to Rya. If you complete her mission, you will get entry to Volcano Manor.

Then, go to the little island shown on the map. You may receive a Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear from this island.

To get 5x Festering Bloody Fingers, go to the Rose Church to the northwest of here and speak with White-Faced Varre. Use three of them, then return to Varre to acquire the Lord of Blood’s favor.

Head southwest from the Scenic Isle Site of Grace to the Lakeside Crystal Cave. Kill the Bloodhound Knight and go into the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack. To begin Latenna’s mission, activate the Site of Grace within and speak with her.

Your next destination will be Academy Gate Town. You may discover another Golden Seed for your flask in this region.

Go to the island west of the Raya Lucaria school and slip behind the Glintstone Dragon Smarag’s body to steal the key to the school.

Activate the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, then go northwest to retrieve the Golden Seed. Kill the Giant Crab to the west to get a Crab Egg, then loot the body to obtain 3x Smithing Stones.

To get the Ash of War: Charge Forth, kill the Teardrop Scarab in the area. Now, go inside the academy and look for the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace before sprinting to the opposite side of the wooden bridge.

Following that, take the trail to your left. To get the Marionette Solder Ashes, loot the body adjacent to the pair of Marionette Soldiers. Kill the Teardrop Scarab to the left of the dungeon’s next entryway to get the Ash of War: Spectral Lance.

Drop down to the right after passing through the door. After defeating all of the Flintstone Zombies, take the Carian Knight Set from the gravestone.

Take the elevator down to the basement of the school to uncover a Pendulum Statue. Kill it, then take the Longtail Cat Talisman from its body. Return to the top and look for the Schoolhouse Classroom Site.

Continue down the corridor and through the doorway on your left. Loot the chest for the Flintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (5), then loot the corpse for the Conspectus Scroll.

FAQ | Elden Ring Progression Route

How should you go through Elden Ring?

Although the campaign structure in Elden Ring is open-ended and unstructured, basic growth is accomplished by fighting big monsters and activating their Great Runes. While there are seven of them, you only need to activate two of them before Enia, a Roundtable NPC, instructs you to proceed to the capital to become the Elden Lord.

Is there advancement in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a fantastic open-world game with a plethora of surprises to discover. Unfortunately, the major growth path might also seem a little mysterious, since you are not informed precisely what you need to achieve. particularly if you want to complete one of the five endings other than the Elden Lord one.

Why is Elden Ring so difficult?

The first few hours might be challenging due to frequent ambushes and adversaries that can kill you with a single hit. We have some ideas to assist newbies conquer even the most difficult Elden Ring bosses, as well as everything new players need to know about Elden Ring’s mechanics

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