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What Is a Dual Air Brake System

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In Addition to Providing All of Our Clients with Access to Our Comprehensive Knowledge of Automobiles and The Automotive Industry, Africa Boyz Online Is Committed to Achieving Its Goal of Being the Most Successful Online Seller of Automotive Components on The African Continent. the Majority of Today’s Automobiles Are Equipped with Dual Air Brake Systems, and We Are Going to Examine and Transmit All You Need to Know About Them in This Post. Since the Middle of The 1970s, Dual Air Brake Systems Have Been on The Road, and The Introduction of This Design Has Not only Considerably Improved the Safety of The Roads but Also Has the Potential to Save Lives.

What exactly is entailed in a double-air brake system? 

In practice, a dual air brake system is equivalent to two separate braking systems or circuits being merged into a single unit. The brake controls for these air brake systems are combined into a single set; nevertheless, each system has its own hoses, air tanks, and pipes in addition to sharing a single set of brake controls. One system, commonly referred to as the main reservoir, is responsible for running the normal brakes on the back axle(s), while the other system, referred to as the secondary reservoir, is responsible for operating the front service brakes on the front axle(s).

What are the advantages of using dual air brakes instead of just one set?

The dual-air brake system was designed to provide a higher level of safety as well as greater controllability for the driver in the event that both sets of brakes completely failed.  The idea is to ensure that there is no complete failure of the brakes even if there is a problem with one of the individual components of the braking system on the vehicle. In the event that the primary braking system fails for any reason, or if there is an air leak in either system, the secondary braking system will continue to work independently, enabling the vehicle to maintain its capacity to apply brakes. The driver is capable of stopping a large car in a secure manner. 

Which vehicles are equipped with dual air brake systems?

Dual air brake systems are standard on all heavy-duty vehicles as well as the vast majority of modern automobiles that are equipped with air brakes. In particular, this is the case for all cars that fall into the category of “light-duty” automobiles. In point of fact, a dual-circuit braking system is a criterion that must be met by all heavy-duty vehicles manufactured in the modern era.

How can I check to see if the vehicle is equipped with dual air brake systems?

The air pressure gauges that are affixed on the dashboard of a vehicle provide the major piece of visible proof that the car is outfitted with a dual-circuit braking system. These gauges are often labeled with the words “primary” and “secondary.” in many modern automobiles, rather than having two distinct gauges, there is only one gauge with two needles that indicate the pressure in both the main and secondary systems. There shall be at least one air pressure gauge installed on every vehicle’s dashboard with an air brake system so that it may be checked while the car is being driven.

How does the dual-air brake system work?

When the vehicle’s brakes are applied, the air is drawn from the primary reservoir through the foot valve and sent to the relay valve. The relay valve then delivers air from the primary reservoir to the rear brake chambers. Simultaneously, the air is drawn from the secondary reservoir through the foot valve and delivered to the front brake chambers. When the vehicle’s brakes are applied, the air is drawn from both reservoirs.

Before you can start driving the car, you have to give the air compressor sufficient time to build up pressure in both the main and secondary systems. Before moving the vehicle, the pressure in both systems needs to reach a minimum of one hundred pounds per square inch. 

Low air pressure and warning gauges

Low-pressure warning devices and pressure gauges are included in the main as well as the secondary circuits’ respective equipment sets. If the air pressure in either system dips below 60 pounds per square inch, it indicates that one of the air systems is low on pressure and that either the front or the rear brakes are not performing to their maximum potential. In the event that the pressure in either one of the circuits or both of them is too low for normal brake action, a red warning light and an audible buzzer will normally turn on. these two types of warning systems are standard equipment on most automobiles.

When the air pressure in both systems has returned to the appropriate level, the low air pressure warning lights and buzzer should turn off automatically. This is typically determined by the manufacturer’s standards and is always more than sixty pounds per square inch (psi).(414 kPa)

When to stop, pullover, and safely park

If the warning devices go off while driving, immediately pull over to the side of the road, come to a complete stop, and park the car in a secure location. You are not permitted to continue driving until you have determined why the warning devices are activated and what the source of the air loss is. do not proceed with the drive until you have determined whether or not the braking system is safe.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of having two separate air brake systems working together?

Dual-circuit air systems are used by an overwhelming majority of today’s heavy-duty vehicles (Fig. 26), which are driven on public roads. The technology has been devised to avoid complete failures of the brakes and to provide you with greater control by enabling the vehicle to be brought to a halt in a secure area.

What is dual braking?

The term “dual circuit braking system” refers to a kind of braking system in which each of the system’s circuits may be configured to work on either the vehicle’s front wheels or its rear wheels. In dual-circuit braking systems, there may be more than just a single pair of pistons in use at any one time.

When you are behind the wheel equipped with a dual air brake system?

Allow the air compressor in a vehicle with a dual air system sufficient time to build up the pressure in both the main and secondary systems to at least 100 pounds per square inch (psi) before driving the vehicle. Keep an eye on both the main and secondary air pressure gauges (or needles, if the system only has one gauge with two needles).

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