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5 Best DTF Printers for Small Businesses

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It Is Not Always Easy to Track Down the Most Suitable Direct-To-Film (dtf) Printers for Your Business. You Shouldn’t Be Anxious Since You’ve Arrived at The Correct Destination. We Will Work with You to Identify the Most Qualified Dtf Printers that Are Currently Available for Your Business. We Offer a Terrific Selection of Dtf Printers that Are Suitable for Every Degree of Expertise and Any Project You Can Imagine. Make Use of This List to Choose Your Perfect Companion, or Keep Reading to Learn More About the Criteria We Use to Select Our Favorites.

What exactly does DTF (Direct to Film) printing imply?

DTF printing, or direct-to-film printing, is a novel technology for all sorts of textiles. It yields more accurate and precise findings. This procedure requires the use of a particular DTF printer, DTF water base ink, glue powder, and transfer film. All of these elements combine to produce bright and colorful designs on all materials. You may simply attain good and long-lasting effects by using this strategy.

What exactly is a DTF printer (Direct to Film)?

DTF printers are a new kind of printer that can print directly on transfer film and has a considerably quicker printing speed than DTG printers (direct-to-garment).

The printer is now connected to a PC or WiFi. These DFT printers let you produce patterns that can be directly transferred to a variety of materials, including cotton, nylon, leather, and polyester. These printers provide outstanding results on both dark and light-colored materials.

5 best dtf printer for small business

1.A3 dtf printer l1800 (dtf printer + oven)

The A3 DTF printer is perfect for making your own t-shirts, hoodies, clothing, and onesie trousers. It gives the greatest results on both bright and dark-colored textiles, unlike other printers. This printer has a heating mechanism that melts the glue powder on the PET film and precisely combines it with the ink. This high-quality printer is a must-have if you want to generate noticeable effects in your patterns and images.


A DTF printer, DTF textile printing ink, DTF transfer film, and an oven are included in this printing set. As a consequence, you may easily print your first DIY product. This high-end DTF machine has cutting-edge technology that automatically circulates white ink, eliminates nozzle clogging, and adjusts when the ink level is low. 

While printing, you may swiftly pour ink without having to modify the printhead location. The A3 DTF printer can print on leather, shoes, hats, umbrellas, swimsuits, handicrafts, denim, and other textiles. It comes with free AcropRip9.0 software, which offers three printing choices and is Windows-compatible. 

In terms of performance, we found this printer to be outstanding, and the price you pay for the device is well worth it. This A3 DTF printer is a must-have if you want to get your firm off to a solid start.


  • Fast speed
  • Amazing customer service


2. DTF L1800 Transfer Printer by PLK brand

PLK’s improved L1800 all-in-one DTF transfer printer also has sophisticated technology that sets it apart from other printers. It also accepts sheets and film rolls, so depending on your demands, you may purchase an L1800 printer with or without a roll feeder.


Heat pressing, which is quicker and better than a DTG printer, immediately attaches the image to a T-shirt or any fabric. Let’s look at its distinguishing characteristics and performance. L1800 can produce T-shirts, bags, caps, pillows, shoes, socks, handicrafts, hoodies, cushions, denim or jeans, athletic mesh materials, polyester, cotton/cotton blends, and other things. The L1800 also has a curing oven and a white ink agitator, as do other DTF printers.

Continuous ink circulation prevents drying and increases printhead performance and life. Users may also establish individual or mixed white and color ink printing with its different print setting choices. 

This printer is clever and generates good test page results. It prints A4-size paper in 6 minutes and consumes less ink (1 sq. m./20 ml.).


  • Versatile
  •   2880DPIresolution
  •   Print on light and dark textiles
  •  The oven has an alarm function.
  •  Waterproof and long-lasting images
  •  It comes with free software and a user manual.


  •  Only support for Windows 7/10/11 systems

3. L805 DTF Transfer Printer

Our next favorite high-performance printer is the L805 DTF transfer printer. Its innovative design and practical characteristics distinguish it from competitors in the market.


The L805 is an excellent tool for swiftly and effectively finishing your first DIY project. As part of the accessory package, it comprises an oven, PET film rolls, DTF ink, software, and a USB file. So, if this is your first time using a DTF printer, don’t panic; the USB drive includes extensive installation and printing of videos. Its sophisticated built-in white ink circulation technology mechanically circulates the white ink, eliminating print head blockage due to white ink precipitation.

As a consequence, the life of the print head is increased. Its integrated white ink circulation system and oven heating generate homogeneous and attractive prints in terms of performance. The oven plate works flawlessly; it consistently melts the powder on the PET film, resulting in pictures that are smooth and continuous with no fractures. We strongly suggest this product if you seek a low-cost per-print and low-maintenance printer online.


  •  high speed and accuracy
  •  Support A3 and A4 rolls.
  •  1440*1440DPI resolution
  •  Give an alert when the machine is out of paper.
  •  capable of printing on all kinds of fabrics


  •  Only support for Windows 7/10/11 systems

4. Automatic 300A DTF Printer

The one after that is hotter. Do you know why this is so? It is particularly developed for individuals who desire to grow their small company. Surprisingly, it is robust and appropriate for all forms of digital printing. Let’s go through the DTF printer’s built-in features. This is the only DTF printer on our list that outperforms the others.


The 300A DTF printer comes with a powder shaker, heating plate, dryer, and two XP600 print heads. Two print heads may boost productivity while avoiding the mixing of white and colored inks. It prints at speeds ranging from 6 ppm (5 m2/h) to 8 ppm (3 m2/h).

Except for LED illumination, a white ink supply system with an alert, an integrated lifting-type ink lamp, an LCD, and cheaper print costs, this intelligent take-up machine has the same characteristics as the A3 all-in-one DTF printer. Furthermore, the A3 DTF printer costs a little more than the 300A printer.

When it comes to functioning, it is straightforward to utilize. Its powder shaker uniformly distributes the powder. Effective drying and heating features, on the other hand, increase the color, intensity, and longevity of your machine’s prints.


  •  comes with free Maintop 6.1 RIP photoprint software.
  •  Offer automatic printhead cleaning.
  •   support up to 310mm thickness
  •  Zero Waste
  •  Eco-friendly


  •  Only Support XP, Windows 7 and 10

5. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson’s HD XP-15000 is a cutting-edge ultra-wide format printer. It offers a huge printing area as well as a fully wireless solution, so you don’t have to worry about connections while working. The XP-15000 is a good printer for individuals who want a low-cost wide format printer to produce professional tasks rapidly. Let’s have a look at what makes it unique.


The XP-15000 printer can print in both monochrome and color and has a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2400 dpi. Printing from a range of devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets, is feasible. It provides an economical professional touch to borderless pictures up to 13 x 19. 

It has a tiny footprint and may be simply put on your desktop due to its modest size. They features two front-side paper trays, each with a capacity of 200 pages. Its unique change mechanism monitors your ink consumption, guaranteeing that you never run out of ink when printing. 

The printing pace is rapid, therefore the XP-15000 printer is a great option whether you are a professional or a novice wishing to start high-quality, large-scale DTF printing from home.


  •  easy to use
  •  Two-sided document printing
  •  offer wireless and wired connectivity.
  •  It can print from various devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets.


  •  Ink is costly.
  •  2.4 touch screen is small.

FAQ | Best DTF Printers for Small Businesses

What is the best printer for DTF printing?

Both the printer and the Garment Creator software are simple to use and maintain. Print speed and quality are both excellent, however, custom settings have an effect on both, so if you want a better resolution print, it will take longer to print.

Is it profitable to print DTF?

DTF printing may be the most cost-effective solution for smaller orders that need excellent print quality and durability. However, if you need a quick and cost-effective solution for small runs of more detailed patterns, DTG printing may be a better option.

What is superior to DTF?

DTG printing, as opposed to DTF printing, is best suited for natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, or fabric mixes. This is because the ink bonds better with natural cloth fibers than synthetic materials.

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